Our Mission

What We Believe

The James Earl Chaney Foundation is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans. We are committed to the right of equal protection and treatment under law. We believe in a government that respects the rights of all Americans — equally and without bias in regard to race, creed, religion, ethnicity and sexuality.

Mission Statement

The James Earl Chaney Foundation believes there must be a greater ownership of America by its citizens. The organization seeks to empower all citizens. Thus, we seek to motivate America’s citizens — regardless of ethnicity, sexuality or religion — to register and to vote, to be more aware of the issues, to be self educated in regard to public policy above and beyond what the politicians want them to know, to vote in every election, to know their rights as humans and American citizens, to defend themselves and others when their rights are abridged or denied, and to remember that James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were murdered but their legacy lives in dedication to the goals of this foundation.

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