JECF Programs

Our Programs and Activities

The Chaney Foundation conducts non-partisan voter registration, voter education and voter participation programs throughout the country. Through public service announcements, brochures and commentary, the Chaney Foundation educates the people as to their constitutional and human rights, and about current issues that affect these rights.

The Chaney Foundation observes, investigates and documents allegations of unequal treatment under law of by the government, or any abridgment of our constitutional rights, and provide legal assistance to victims of governmental abuse who have no means to defend themselves. We undertake special projects to assist in accomplishing these goals.

The defense of all constitutional and human rights are the focus of the James Earl Chaney Foundation’s efforts. Through educational and legal defense programs, projects and special events, the Chaney Foundation focuses on human and constitutional rights, particularly the rights of suffrage and equal protection under the law. By accomplishing our goals we fulfill the legacy of James Chaney.

The James Earl Chaney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit human and civil rights organization, all contributions to the Chaney Foundation are tax exempt.

Projects of the Foundation include:

  • The Chaney Goodman Schwerner Justice Coalition
  • Freedom Summer Ride For Justice
  • Voters Drives
  • The Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman Institute

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